This is the Security System that Self Storage Managers Provide, Don’t Forget to Check it!

North Phoenix Self Storage has been trusted by people to store items in leased storage. Self-storage is one of the solutions for storing goods, especially when you are going to renovate a house or need a place to store temporary items when moving to a new home. There are also people who do not have a garage so hire self-storage to park the vehicle there. The point is to reduce items at home so that it doesn’t look full by renting self-storage for a certain period of time.


When entrusting your belongings in a public place, you might feel worried whether the place is safe or not? Don’t worry, North Phoenix Self Storage has the best security so that your items are not stolen by others. But it is better if you consider the security system of a self-storage:

Usually, CCTV is placed in strategic places that cover the range of movement of each person. You can confirm whether the CCTV is functioning properly. Ask the manager how long the camera is recording and stored. Because if one day there is theft in your storage, ask you can still see it or not. Because if it has happened long enough, there is a possibility that you can’t see the recording again.

– Locking system
The purpose of the locking system here is your self-storage system. Ask management about the system. Make sure the system cannot be opened by thieves with any equipment. Because technological progress makes thieves even more astute. The equipment that is owned is increasingly sophisticated, so the manager must not lose to the thief.

– Police presence
Ask management about the location of the local police. If the distance is very close, then this is good news. Because if the alarm sounds, the police can come faster. But if the distance is far enough, make sure how long it takes until the police arrive at the place. The longer the police arrive, the chance for the thief to escape will be faster.