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Simple tips for improving the sales of your online store

Did you know that small things can increase your online store reputation? Like, for example, thank you or offer free shipping. Try pulling on yourself, when store employees don’t say “thank you”, you will most likely be upset, right? Sounds trivial but has a huge impact. Not only applies in the offline world, in the online world, small things like this are very influential in increasing sales! Aside from that, you may go to Trasportify whenever you need to hire a trusted delivery company.

Well, here are some tips to increase online store sales that you can do:

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Products

What are up-sell products and cross-sell products? The up-selling system is offering products that are similar to products that are being seen by customers but with a higher price margin. So, on the website, you can display “related products” that are similar to the products that are being seen by customers. Meanwhile, cross-sell products are a display of complementary products from products that are being seen by customers. These products can be displayed on the product details page or at check-out.

In this way, it certainly allows the customer to add their groceries. If we don’t offer ourselves, how can customers know if there are similar or complementary products, right? Sales have also increased!

Providing Free Shipping Services

As mentioned earlier in the article, free shipping turns out to attract many (prospective) customers. Did you know that most customers tend to be reluctant to pay shipping costs? Nor do you need to blindly implement free shipping, but you can set a minimum amount of purchases so that customers get free shipping.

It may seem trivial, but studies show that customers feel “losing” to spending money adds to the nominal “only” for shipping costs. With the implementation of a free shipping program, this encourages customers to be easier to shop online because he doesn’t have to think about shipping costs anymore.