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What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (emotional quotient is the ability of a person to accept, assess, manage, and control the emotions of himself and others around him. Intelligence is the cognitive ability of an individual to give good reasons, learn from experience, and face the demands of everyday life ( Lahey, 2007), while Chaplin (2009) defines intelligence is the ability to face and adapt to new situations quickly and effectively, the ability to use abstract concepts effectively, the ability to understand relationships and learn very quickly Gardner in Sariolghalam , Noruzi, and Rahimi (2010) explained that intelligence is the ability to create an effective product or service offering that is valuable in a culture, a group of abilities that allow people to solve problems in their lives and the potential to find or create solutions to problems, which involve new knowledge. Of the three definitions above it can be argued that intelligence is an individual’s cognitive ability to deal with, adjust to new situations, and in matters related to innovation. This is the form of yourself with the aim of getting success in your life so that you can have skills that can bring you extraordinary abilities and can even be applied to your daily life, especially work. For that, you can visit NLP training London.

Matters related to the definition of emotions described in Chaplin (2009) are formulated as a state aroused by organisms. Includes conscious changes, profound nature, and behavioral change. According to Goleman (1999) emotions are a feeling that is related to anger, sadness, fear, pleasure, love, surprise, irritation and shame. From the explanation above that emotion is an action, instability of mind, feeling, lust, which is uncontrollable. Salovey and Mayer in 1997 (in Morgan, 2003) defines that emotional intelligence involves the ability to know, assess and express emotions accurately; the ability to use emotions to think; the ability to understand and have knowledge of emotions; and the ability to manage emotions to develop themselves. While Goleman (1999) defines that emotional intelligence refers to the ability to recognize our own emotions and the emotions of others, the ability to stimulate ourselves, and the capacity to control emotions well in ourselves and in connections with others. For this reason, why did the London NLP training start from 7 days?

EQ skills are not opposed to IQ skills or cognitive skills, but both interact dynamically, both at the conceptual level and in the real world. EQ is not so influenced by heredity (Shapiro, 1998). Emotional intelligence is strongly influenced by the environment, is not permanent, can change at any time.