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The music is beneficial to human lives and civilizations

Listening to music, enjoying and enjoying it is a fun activity and can make us comfortable. It is this effect that is medically and psychologically a positive reaction to the physical and psychological condition of humans, including me and us. Then what are the true benefits of music in our daily lives? Meanwhile, check out the cute piano music box if you want to find an excellent gift for your beloved one.


Music experienced a golden age in the history of Islamic civilization. From the various literature that I read, figures such as Al – Kindi, and Al – Farabi are scientists who develop music as therapy. In the 9th century, Al – Kindi had tried to apply treatment with music to a child who was totally paralyzed. Furthermore, the use of music as a therapy developed rapidly in the era of the glory of the Ottoman Empire. The development of music therapy continues to spread throughout the world. The effects of music are so significant in the effort to heal, nourish and educate the human person. Therefore, the benefits of music in life are so simultaneous with aspects of physical, psychological and human intelligence, especially those developed through music therapy.

Music is useful as a tool and medium of human communication because music is a universal language that is able to integrate differences, create peace and solidarity in humanity. History often records the role and benefits of music as a means of association and communication media that everyone can understand, even though we do not understand the language of each nation.

In connection with the benefits of the music, the types of music also greatly affect the benefits felt by everyone, especially those who undergo music therapy. For me, listening to or playing music on my own, can actually be a therapy, especially when I experience boredom, boredom, bad mood, aka right. Music can bring back enthusiasm and motivation to do something useful. With music, we are not only able to live and absorb the tone of the tone, but also able to understand ourselves and others around us and live the true essence of life.