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Prevent the pogo-sticking effects on your website

Imagine that you are looking for certain info from Google, then we go to a website that is not good at all. what will you do? In the meantime, we’d like you to visit 1posicionamientoseo.com/ if you’re looking to hire a professional SEO consultant service.


Instantly press the back button or close the browser tab, right?

That is the effect of Pogo-sticking.

Basically, Google wants their users to be satisfied with the results displayed.

So if the user is not satisfied (back / close tab), the website will be downgraded.

Even a writer in Moz states that this satisfaction factor is number 1, higher than other factors that affect your rank.

Then how to avoid this Pogosticking effect?

Actually, some of the methods have been explained earlier, such as:

Improve the quality of your article, when the reader has stayed on your website for a few minutes then the Pogostick effect is no longer influential.

Put links to other pages in our content.

Link to another website. Mending them goes to other websites rather than returning to Google.

Increase website speed. If loading is too long, visitors will leave immediately before it’s finished.

Reduce disturbances like popups and advertisements.

If you only target the backlink without paying attention to visitor satisfaction, even though it managed to rise, over time your rank will fall by itself.

Therefore do not ignore this effect.