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Have an Introverted Couple? You Must Feel This

Preferring to be alone, does not mean he is lonely or ask for pity. He actually enjoys his solitude. Many things might be considered strange to most people. He can spend a day writing in the room, reading books in the library while eating ice cream, or watching the clouds and taking pictures. For him, that’s the way to celebrate happiness and enjoy life. Introverted friends will teach you the true meaning of happiness. Happiness is not a matter of someone else’s recognition of yourself, but when you can feel comfortable with yourself and your loneliness. That is one of the advantages of having an introverted partner. You can visit our introvert dating site to find it.


Someone with an introverted personality tends to be sensitive. He cares deeply about the feelings of others and the conditions around him. An introvert is usually very sensitive, be it to the environment or people around him. He will know when you are sad or happy. He can capture the emotions that you are feeling without needing to talk much or ask questions.

Meanwhile, many things in this world attract attention. From big things like moral values to personal things like sickness after breaking up – many things often fill his head, and most of these things can only be written through writing. He really prefers writing rather than chatting. So sensitive, he will also be aware when only a few items in his room shift or change position.

In friendship, it is important to maintain trust. His presence makes you understand the meaning of a friend. Being introverted means being a trusted person. An introverted friend will be ready to listen to all the complaints of your life: about the moment of breaking up, being fired from the office, your dreams, to the family problems that you can only share with him.

He can make you feel comfortable and trust when telling important things in your life. Not just listening but providing support while respecting you. The way to respect you is to keep what you have entrusted to him – the story of your life and all the secrets about you.