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These are three easy ways to determine keywords for SEO

When you use SEO, then what you need to pay attention to is the keywords that are in that content. Good SEO certainly has content in it and the content usually contains predetermined keywords. Usually, for this, many people want to get the results so they choose to use professional SEO services such as seo nyc.

The keyword is indeed an important thing in an SEO technique. If interpreted in seo context, then the keyword is a word, a combination of several words, or a sentence that when typed by you and all people who use the same Google version, will bring up your website page in the search results. There are several easy ways to choose keywords for SEO that you use, some of them are

– Google Suggestion
The easiest way to determine keywords is to use the Google Suggestion feature. For example, you are a manufacturer or distributor of mountain bags in Indonesia. Then point your browser to Google.co.id, settings also use Indonesian language, then type ‘mountaineering’ in the search column. After the search page appears, scroll down, then look at the keyword suggestion listed, that is the keyword that is suitable for you to aim at.

– Google Keyword Planner
Another way to determine keywords that you can do is to use Google Keyword Planner tools, this method is a little more complicated but produces more complete data. Here’s how,
Access adwords.google.com then log into it using your google account. If you don’t have a Google Adwords account, you can sign up for free. After logging into Google Adwords, click Tools, then click Keyword Planner.

– Consultation with Seo Services
The last way to determine what keywords match your website or online store is to use experienced SEO services, such as klikseo.com. By using SEO services, you don’t have to mess around with the whole SEO process that most people say is complicated.