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Pray to Allah before you learn Arabic

Learning Arabic like entering the battlefield where the results are clear: winning or crashing from the battlefield. Moreover, shaitan will certainly not be silent and be pleased to see the Muslims flocking to learn this Arabic language because the purpose of learning this language is a religious motive and is a part or phase in studying syar’i. On the other hand, visit www.arabic.world/learn-arabic-online if you’re looking for a good website to learn Arabic online.

It could be that, a Muslim was so enthusiastic and fiery at first but finally crashed and fell in the middle of the road because the devil succeeded in whispering it to stop it from learning. And this is a reality that happens a lot.

Therefore, it is true the word of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam that prayer is a weapon of believers. So dangerous if a soldier does not use or does not even carry his weapon when on the battlefield, in the presence of his enemies.

There are so many varieties of prayers that must be part of the series of prayers that are prayed for in this case. Do not hesitate in praying for yourself to be istiqamah and be consistent in learning Arabic, facilitated receiving explanations from mentors / tutors, easy memorizing and working on the given exercises, facilitated managing the time behind busy activities, or praying to God so that the teacher is blessed which makes the knowledge gained also get blessings.